Friday, November 26, 2010

President of NFC Pardons A Tofurkey for National Flossing Day

As an official act to mark National Flossing Day, the President of the National Flossing Council, Armand Lione, pardoned a Tofurkey.

The Tofurkey will be sent to the main cafeteria in Disneyland, where it will sit on display throughout the Holiday season as a "rare bird."

Also for National Flossing Day, here's a link to the press release for the NFD '10 video challenge.  

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Costume for National Flossing Day

It's that special time - National Flossing Day Eve!
Time to plan your activities for tomorrow.
Here's one possible plan:
Print this Smiley Face Mask (If it won't print 8.5x11, email for a full sized pdf)
Insert floss at the corners of the mouth, and use it to entertain friends and family.

It certainly would look great on a chorus line of flossers in your version of the National Flossing Day Video Challenge!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flossing Day Video Challenge - 2 More Contest Listings!

Word continues to spread about the National Flossing Day Video Challenge!
It is now listed on (and crosslinked on their Facebook site)
and on the desktopvideo page of

To see the sample video and read the details of the video challenge, click here .

Coming tomorrow - The PRWeb Press Release!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Flossing Day Video Challenge Contest Listing

The folks at Film The Next have listed our Flossing Day Challenge among their video contests!

We look forward to hearing from more videographers who want to step up to The Challenge.

As with other submissions to the web site, challengers will receive floss cards when they enter (while supplies last.)

Details about the video challenge can be found here

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 1st Prize for The Flossies Bergere Video Challenge

Announcing the 1st Prize for the winner of the Flossies Bergere Video Challenge:
A statue showing a Flossing Woman Dancer, approx 5” tall, with a flaring skirt standing on 1 leg atop a 16” model of the Eiffel Tower. 

Go to to see our earlier prizes: "The Grande Prix" & "The Flossy" for Jerry Seinfeld.

For more info, see the previous post. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flossies Bergere Video Challenge!

Celebrate the Joy of Flossing with your friends!
Make your own video to the Can Can music -
"The Flossies Bergere!"
Post it on Youtube as a response to the sample video and we'll link to it here, on Facebook, and on
To get your own copy of the music, just send an email to
National Flossing Day (NFD), Nov. 26, 2010 is a perfect day to make your video and celebrate flossing, but you can upload  your video in at any time. Next year we'll award prizes to the most popular videos.
Many thanks to Donovan Kuehn and Kenneth Phan for their great flossing in the video!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

National Flossing Day 2010 - Theme

It's that time of year again - the day after Thanksgiving - 11/26/2010

National Flossing Day!

This year the theme will be "The Joy of Flossing!"

We want to help people overcome their fear-based flossing and move on to a higher level. A level where flossing is done for its own sake - not because of any form of intimidation!

 This is flossing done for the good feeling it brings - like when we've washed our car, or taken proper care of ourselves, whether it's our hair, nails, skin or teeth.

This is flossing for the Joy of Flossing (would the French help? - "Joie de Floss").

With the right type of floss (monofilament floss for tight teeth and rare flossers), flossing doesn't need to be trouble, and cleaning up grungy parts of the mouth should make you feel good about yourself. Good feelings about flossing is what will keep people flossing. Terror only works as long as the terror is reinforced (see the cartoon).

Do whatever you can to make flossing a joy and you'll stop being terrorized by flossing horror stories!

Floss On!

Coming up: "The Flossies Bergere" Video Challenge!

(Visit to learn about National Flossing Day 2009 and previous celebrations.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Water Flossing - Dribble, Dribble

The Waterpik is technically called an "oral irrigator." The idea is to use a pulsating jet of water to clean tooth surfaces and between teeth.
The Waterpik has been around since the 1960s, and pretty much just stayed around, without growing very much or going out of business.
In an effort to link itself to the growing interest in dental floss, the Waterpik is now calling itself the "Water Flosser." Some people are referring to this as "Power Flossing."
The company has done studies to compare the Waterpik to flossing and it seems to work, to some extent, but no one but the company is saying it can be used instead of flossing.
Water flossing may be handy for people with braces, and some people may really prefer it to flossing.
It's surprising though that the company's "Patient Education Video" on the newly renamed "Water Flosser" contains a pretty young woman smiling and using the product while dribbling so profusely. Check the video and see if you find it a great education or sales tool.
One of their other videos "Stop Looking at Your Leftovers" shows a smiley young guy flossing and popping food pieces on his mirror. Later when he uses a Waterpik, he doesn't dribble on camera. The funny thing about this is how messy a Waterpik can be when water gets out of your mouth and starts squirting around the room. If you look at the "Clinical Studies" listed on the website you can see that Waterpiks were more effective at cleaning the facial surfaces (front) of teeth and less effective on the lingual surfaces (back of teeth, where your tongue is). When you turn a Waterpik to face the back of your teeth, it usually splashes water out of your mouth, which probably discourages people from cleaning back there.  And you dribble.
Floss on!