Thursday, December 25, 2014

"But Flossing Is Boring" - So Dance It!

Here's a fun suggestion from Dr. Stelmach

But Flossing is Boring?
While I agree with you, New Year’s resolutions and excuses are a no-no. Here’s the thing… you can make it fun! Music makes everything more enjoyable – pop some earphones in, play a vibrant song and start flossing. Before you know it, you’ll have finished and moved on to the mouth rinse just because you want to make sure the song is completed before you leave. Try it out.
new years resolution flossing more
As always, have fun, keep smiling, and have a wonderful holiday season. Happy Holidays from the team at Dr. Stelmach’s dental office!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Evidence that Swedes Love Floss!

Google has records on what countries are searching what.
Dental Floss is high up in the Swedish searches.
Who could blame them?

Swedes Love Floss Article

Monday, November 24, 2014

National Flossing Day 2014 Celebrated with Floss and Dance!

In 2014, Lululemon Athletica, maker of active clothing for men & women, posted a Manifesto. The Manifesto was filled with words of wisdom. The wisdom we liked best was the suggestion "Dance, Sing, Floss!"

Our 2014 video for National Flossing Day brings that suggestion to life, thanking Lululemon, and providing the driving rhythms of the Malagasy band, Raoky, to prompt viewers to Dance.
Here's the Video - Enjoy!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tooth Wise Candy Tips for Halloween

Not all candy is created equal - when it comes to promoting tooth decay.
It's obvious and true that candy that sticks between teeth, like gummies and caramels, can be rated as a lot worse than sugary, but easier to clean treats, such as chocolates.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists has a nice artice about how parents might help their kids minimize the dental health risks associated with Halloween treats.

And the advice isn't only good for kids!

Here's the LINK.

Happy Halloween - and don't forget to floss!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Bit of Flossophy.

Here's an article from the Australian Financial Review that uses the power of floss to make it's point about using time.

Floss on!

"No Time to Floss"

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Ultimate Floss Motivator!

Forget all the defenses you've ever had about why you can't floss!
Once you hear this piece of news, there is no doubt that you will join the happy legions of flossers.
Perhaps you should sit down.

Here is it:
Taylor Swift is addicted to flossing!

You can check my sources if you have any doubt about the claim.
It's beyond belief!  Link
If you had a full time assistant, do you think you could possibly have them take time off from serving you to go to a drugstore?  And buy floss?
Clearly, she's hooked.
Well, if Taylor is addicted (and it's obviously gotten to her voice), why not join her?
You could form a support group and have Taylor as your spokesperson.
I can't wait for the benefit! I wonder what Willie Nelson is up to?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monkeys flossing

It's not unusual for monkeys to be seen flossing.
We have original pictures of a wild monkey in Thailand running around with floss.

There's a video in play of a guy who gets his pet monkey to floss.
Great spirit, but bad form - sawing is a no-no.
Floss on!

Pet Monkey Flossing

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Odd Floss Ads from Sweden

TePe Dental Floss Beef Ad

The Tepe Company in Malmo, Sweden, sells a variety of oral hygiene products, including dental floss.
They did a series of floss ads in conjunction with a Turkish ad agency, TBWA.

TePe Dental Floss Chicken Ad

Short review: Love the designs, lose the teeth.
You can weave a pattern with any circle of pins, so take some floss and try this at home.
No need to lay out a wierd set of teeth to hold the floss.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Remove a Stuck Ring with Dental Floss

This is more cleverly done than might be expected.

The video shows it all!
Good to know.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vegan Xylitol Antibacterial Cranberry Floss!

Can't find the floss that's right for you?
How about - Vegan Xylitol Antibacterial Cranberry Floss?

Yes, the Radius Toothbrush Company - the folks that make those brushes with overdesigned handles - have been developing specialty flosses.

Turns out they're all Vegan flosses and made with American xylitol (USA! USA! USA!).

If this sound interesting to you, here's the link for their floss page .

Spoiler alert - you won't find gluten free, low fat, decaf - yet.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The "Go Floss Yourself" Ad Campaign by Den Tek

So what does Den Tek have planned for us?
It's an ad campaign to encourage flossing (good) that uses a variation on a popular expletive to get attention (nothing wrong with that - perhaps even "bold").
"Go Floss Yourself" is even abbreviated at times as "Go F Yourself."
I'd suggest you read the Press Release before watching the video.
Spoiler: The press release says this is a campaign to help people tell friends when they need to floss (like if you have spinach stuck between your front teeth and don't realize it).
It's unclear why they chose to start their campaign with a poorly produced video (bad sound, weak acting) about an angry seeming Dad who confronts his daughter's new boyfriend over a phony dental issue.
My guess is that they were trying to do something so bad that others would be encouraged to make better videos to enter their month long contest. Many would say I'm being too kind.
If you're looking for a video contest about flossing, here's one for you.
The big prize is a trip to Puerto Rico (hopefully not during the Summer.)
Floss on!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Knotty Floss

There's a new floss - Knotty-floss - which has knots at 1 inch intervals.
It costs about 50 cents per piece and comes individually wrapped for use once a day.

Looking at the web site, Elizabeth Martens, the dental hygienist who created the product, makes some good points.
Here are two of the most important:
1. For some people having knots in the floss will stop them from sawing and encourage them to use an up and down motion when flossing.
2. When teeth have some space between them a knot can be a useful way to dislodge food that a smooth piece of floss can miss. (See our recent blog entry from Relieved Reader.)

Those are good points that are made on different pages of the web site.
What we wonder about is how some naive user, handed knotty floss, might wind up using it.

Dr. Jay Friedman, a West Coast Dentist and Educator, tells this story in his excellent book*:

“...there was a young man who never had a cavity. His gums were healthy, but the tissue between the teeth was “punched out.” He had been advised to use dental floss. Figuring if a little floss was good, a lot was better, he tied knots in the string and pulled them through the teeth, destroying the interdental papilla, the triangular-shaped gum tissue that normally fills the space between teeth. On cessation of this destructive flossing, the gum tissue gradually grew back to its normal shape.”  (excerpt from Chapter 7)

Knotty-floss may prove useful for some flossers, but not everyone needs knots!
The website doesn't show the actual floss or what instructions come with the product.
Without those details, we can only hope that the manufacturer does include some brief instructions with their knotty-floss to assure that it is less likely to be misused.

If you have any experience with knotty-floss, please leave a comment!

Floss on!
Dr. T.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Phone Hack Floss Ad

This phone hack has been going around the web, so we used it in our latest floss ad.

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Simply Brilliant"

Note from Dr T:
We received the following email from a very kind reader who shared her agony from having food stuck in her teeth as well as the relief she got from finding a way to deal with her problem. 
It's rewarding to hear that some of the info we're trying to pass along about flossing has been useful. 
Many thanks for your letter Relieved Reader!

Dear Dr. T,

I don't normally find myself writing to online people that I don't know; but I have to send an email of thanks!

I have been battling a flossing issue for YEARS. Yes years!  I have teeth that are tight and some that are wide. I have two food traps that drive me crazy. Food gets stuck in there and it actually hurts. 

One of your answers said to try tying a knot in my floss. That is unbelievable. This has worked so well. It has brought so much relief to my poor teeth.  

I had flossed so hard at one point that within a week I had pulled off 2 crowns. I love to floss but didn't know how to floss for different teeth.

Thank you so much for your information. My teeth feel great!!!

Sincerely yours,

Relieved Reader

Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

History's Great Floss-ophers by Stephanie Orma

Here's a new poster by San Francisco based illustrator/cartoonist, Stephanie Orma.

We're giving Stephanie an unabashed plug - the poster is for sale on ETSY. - See more at:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brandi Glanville on Flossing

Must admit, I haven't been following Brandi's stellar career.

If you've ever known a real housewife,
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is oxymoronic .

Anyway, Brandi has come out strong for flossing and we're here to tell you about it.

Ck out Brandi's 1 min video: "Floss People!"