Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The "Go Floss Yourself" Ad Campaign by Den Tek

So what does Den Tek have planned for us?
It's an ad campaign to encourage flossing (good) that uses a variation on a popular expletive to get attention (nothing wrong with that - perhaps even "bold").
"Go Floss Yourself" is even abbreviated at times as "Go F Yourself."
I'd suggest you read the Press Release before watching the video.
Spoiler: The press release says this is a campaign to help people tell friends when they need to floss (like if you have spinach stuck between your front teeth and don't realize it).
It's unclear why they chose to start their campaign with a poorly produced video (bad sound, weak acting) about an angry seeming Dad who confronts his daughter's new boyfriend over a phony dental issue.
My guess is that they were trying to do something so bad that others would be encouraged to make better videos to enter their month long contest. Many would say I'm being too kind.
If you're looking for a video contest about flossing, here's one for you.
The big prize is a trip to Puerto Rico (hopefully not during the Summer.)
Floss on!

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