Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jay Pharoah Flossing

Jay Pharoah, comedian and SNL cast member since 2010, has released a new publicity picture of him flossing.
Welcome, Jay, to the Pantheon of Famous Flossers!
It would be great to see you floss while doing your Obama impression!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tofurky Pardoned By NFC President For National Flossing Day

NFC Newswire
Washington, DC: Nov. 26, 2015 -

In an annual tradition comparable to the presentation of deer to the Governor of VA for Thanksgiving, two native residents of Brooklyn, NY today presented the President of the National Flossing Council (NFC) with a fresh Tofurky to mark National Flossing Day.

The Brooklynites, dressed in their traditional hipster garb, recounted their hunt for the rare critter, quietly stalking it in the frozen food section of Whole Foods, until they spied their prey. After their purchase, the Tofurky was placed in a reusable bag for transport to NFC headquarters.

NFC President, Dr. Armand Lione, presented the hipsters with commemorative packets of dental floss before pardoning the Tofurky and returning it to its native habitat, a refrigerator.

To close the event, the hipsters & Dr. Lione toasted the Tofurky ceremony by sharing a 40 oz bottle of Pabst, the beer that has been specifically paired with Tofurky by Brooklyn beer artisans.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Song to Floss!

The people at the gramercy dental group 
are singing the praises of floss in this post.  Enjoy!

To Floss or Not To Floss? ...

I think we all know the answer is…To Floss! I love flossing and I want all my patients to love flossing too. Why? Because, believe it or not, flossing is known to be more effective than brushing when it comes to preventing tooth loss, cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

No, this is not permission to stop brushing, but here are the flossing facts:

1. Flossing removes old food and plaque (sticky film) between our teeth that the toothbrush just can’t reach.
2. If you don’t floss, you’re more likely to have plaque build-up, which can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.
3. If gum disease goes untreated you could be at risk for not only losing your teeth but also heart disease and diabetes.
4. It’s best to floss after a meal to remove food particles before they turn into plaque.
5. If you don’t floss, plaque stays on your teeth and hardens into tartar. Tartar can form in a little over a day, and once it’s there, only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove it.
6. If you can only commit to flossing once a day, I tell my patients to get in the habit of doing it during their evening hygiene ritual. That way you’re removing all the bacteria from between your teeth before turning in for the night.
7. And, if nothing else here impressed upon you the importance of flossing…do it simply for your pride, your ego, your dating & kissing stats. Because NOT flossing leads to halitosis (bad breath) as we shared with you in one of our previous blogs. And who wants halitosis!!??

Flossing Made Easy

1. Break off about 18 inches of floss and wind most of it around one of your index fingers. Now, wind the remaining floss around the index finger of your other hand.
2. Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and index fingers.
3. Glide the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion, make sure to not snap the floss into the gums.
4. When the floss reaches the gum line curve it into a “c” shape against one tooth. Gently slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth and then rub the floss up and down. Then repeat on the adjacent tooth.
5. Remove the floss from between those two teeth. Unwrap a new section of floss from between your fingers and repeat until you have flossed between all of your teeth…including the backside of your last teeth.
We hoped this has helped you understand the importance of flossing and made you want to bring this healthy practice into your every day life. 
 The next time you're looking for dental care on Park Ave in NYC, look them up!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Martians Flossing

A couple of years ago we broke an exclusive story about floss on Mars -
Floss was found on a wheel of the Mars Rover!
Now we've found a scene from the upcoming sequel to The Martian
(Sure they'll be a sequel - it will be like the sequel to Home Alone, crossed with a (dreaded) sequel to Interstellar (Let that guy rest!).

Matt Damon, again stuck on Mars, meets a Martian and they bond through shared flossing experiences.
Here's a still from the sequel:

Floss on! And Happy Halloween from the National Flossing Council!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Clever Line of Floss Ads

Oral B has a new ad series with comic characters drawn in floss silhouettes.

Outlines are cool.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Silk Floss Trees - 6 months old

We're following the growth of some Silk Floss trees, whose seeds were collected in Santa Monica, CA.
The Silk Floss tree gets its name from the silky fibers that surround the seeds. If you follow this link you'll see the trees when they were three months old.
Now at six months, they're a little more than 3 ft tall and they're showing some spikey growths on the trunk that characterize a mature tree.

The barbs are supposedly involved in water storeage.

Here's some baby pix of the crown of the biggest tree and the two trees side by side.

Living on the East Coast, the trees will be spending the winter inside. We'll see if they survive confinement.

If they survive, it may be a while before they flower.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Most Interesting Man in The World Talks Floss

The work of the NFC's,  Donovan K!

The Most Interesting Man in The World 
Talks about Flossing...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flossing Elephant

Our intrepid Board Chairman, Sir N.D. Gryphon VII, A.s.C, recently visited a refuge for orphaned baby elephants and photoed one of them cleaning his tusks with the rope of his enclosure. 

Unlike humans, elephants never forget - to floss.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Silk Floss Trees - 3 months old

An earlier post shows seeds collected from a silk floss tree,
The young plants are now 3 months old.
Some baby pictures -

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dr. Bures Waxes About Floss

Three cheers for Dr. Frank Bures and his recent brief history and song of praise about floss!
Here it is from the Winona Daily News - Getting to the root of good flossing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Flossing

When Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy floss together on Instagram, we are here to tell you about it.

Has flossing ever looked so cool? (Beyoncé/Instagram)

In case you want an 8 sec version with music, that's available on youtube

Floss on, Beyonce and BI!

Monday, March 23, 2015

True Gentleman's Jerky Includes Floss.

This isn't really news, because the guys at True Gentleman's Jerky have been saying they include a packet of floss in every bag ever since they did their Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

But to mix a bad metaphor, beef  jerky is not my cup of tea. After the zombie apocalypse, I might start eating beef jerky. Regular beef is so good!

For the record, the NFC has been promoting the idea of including floss in snack foods since we introduced the Flossing Policy Initiative in 2009.

"Since there is general agreement among dental health authorities that between-meal snacks are a major source of cavity-promoting foods in our daily life, and individually packed snack foods are an ever-growing source of these foods, the National Flossing Council is calling on manufacturers of snack foods and candies to investigate the practicality of packaging their products with a string imbedded in the package. This string could be located to help open some snack foods, and, when the snack is done, it could serve as floss to clean the consumer’s teeth of snack residues."

Times change fast - few, if any, single unit floss packs were available until recently.

Great work, Gentlemen! Please let me know if you do something creative with a fruit jerky.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Johnny Depp Marriage on the Rocks Because He Won't Floss!

This is from the National Enquirer, so it must be true!


New wifey AMBER HEARD slaps JOHNNY with a “moral oral” dilemma.
JOHNNY Depp’s lovely new bride, Amber Heard, has slapped him with an ultimatum: Fix your funky breath!
The 51-year-old star stubbornly refuses to floss, despite grossing out those closest to him, pals said.
Now Amber, 28, has had enough.
“Amber has flat-out ordered Johnny to floss every day and brush his teeth more because his bad breath is becoming a serious turn-off,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
“Johnny’s had this issue for years, but he’s never addressed the problem. He thinks the issue will go away by brushing his teeth a couple times a day and chewing gum. But it’s worse than ever!”
While ex Vanessa Paradis was happy to let Johnny lead a hippie lifestyle and go days without showering, the pal said: “Amber’s as health conscious as they come, and she’s desperate for Johnny to fix his oral hygiene once and for all!”

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Silk Floss Tree

Hey, floss has many forms.
The silk floss tree is new to me.
There are some 60 ft specimens growing at the LA Natural History Museum.
Here's a small one I found with seed pods on a side street in Santa Monica.
 The pods on the trees ripen and open to form a ball of silky floss:
In the fibers are small brown seeds:

In a few months, I hope to show some pics of what the seedlings look like.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Steve Harvey Shows What You Can Do With Floss!

Jan. 6, 2015

Handy Ma’am Janell Inez shows Steve Harvey some surprising uses for dental floss!

Happy 2015 from the folks at the National Flossing Council!