Monday, September 28, 2015

Silk Floss Trees - 6 months old

We're following the growth of some Silk Floss trees, whose seeds were collected in Santa Monica, CA.
The Silk Floss tree gets its name from the silky fibers that surround the seeds. If you follow this link you'll see the trees when they were three months old.
Now at six months, they're a little more than 3 ft tall and they're showing some spikey growths on the trunk that characterize a mature tree.

The barbs are supposedly involved in water storeage.

Here's some baby pix of the crown of the biggest tree and the two trees side by side.

Living on the East Coast, the trees will be spending the winter inside. We'll see if they survive confinement.

If they survive, it may be a while before they flower.

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