Monday, March 23, 2015

True Gentleman's Jerky Includes Floss.

This isn't really news, because the guys at True Gentleman's Jerky have been saying they include a packet of floss in every bag ever since they did their Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

But to mix a bad metaphor, beef  jerky is not my cup of tea. After the zombie apocalypse, I might start eating beef jerky. Regular beef is so good!

For the record, the NFC has been promoting the idea of including floss in snack foods since we introduced the Flossing Policy Initiative in 2009.

"Since there is general agreement among dental health authorities that between-meal snacks are a major source of cavity-promoting foods in our daily life, and individually packed snack foods are an ever-growing source of these foods, the National Flossing Council is calling on manufacturers of snack foods and candies to investigate the practicality of packaging their products with a string imbedded in the package. This string could be located to help open some snack foods, and, when the snack is done, it could serve as floss to clean the consumer’s teeth of snack residues."

Times change fast - few, if any, single unit floss packs were available until recently.

Great work, Gentlemen! Please let me know if you do something creative with a fruit jerky.

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