Friday, September 19, 2014

The Ultimate Floss Motivator!

Forget all the defenses you've ever had about why you can't floss!
Once you hear this piece of news, there is no doubt that you will join the happy legions of flossers.
Perhaps you should sit down.

Here is it:
Taylor Swift is addicted to flossing!

You can check my sources if you have any doubt about the claim.
It's beyond belief!  Link
If you had a full time assistant, do you think you could possibly have them take time off from serving you to go to a drugstore?  And buy floss?
Clearly, she's hooked.
Well, if Taylor is addicted (and it's obviously gotten to her voice), why not join her?
You could form a support group and have Taylor as your spokesperson.
I can't wait for the benefit! I wonder what Willie Nelson is up to?


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