Sunday, January 22, 2012

Floss Floss Dance & Toss - The Video Game

In honor of the millionth run thru of this game (it's obviously "no flash in the pan"), here's a link to the flossing version of Dance Dance Revolution, Floss Floss Dance & Toss.

If you like online video games this might be fun for you.
The force behind getting this game going was a young dentist, Dr. Jamie Johnson, The Dental Diva, from Pueblo, CO.
It all started about 6 years ago when she got some video game designers to devise a Dance Dance Revolution type game with a wacky guy, Brad Swanson, dancing up a storm with floss in the background while you play.
If you aren't one to learn and play video games, you might enjoy just watching Brad goof off in this "outtake reel" from the making of the game.

Congratulations to Jamie, Brad and the production crew!  We at the National Flossing Council like all sorts of media that get people thinking and talking about floss and your game is certainly doing that!

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