Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let Inmates Floss!

You may have heard about the $500 million lawsuit filed by Santiago Gomez (shown), an inmate and future lawyer, in NY State. He is fighting for fellow inmate's inability to get floss. Right on, Senor Gomez!

How has it come to this?  Keeping people incarcerated is tough.  Of course it is!  I believe the US has the highest per capita rate of incarceration, so we should at least get good at it (and stop wasting so much jailing people).

Prisoners rights is an important issue, and here we have one tiny part of it - they can't get dental floss.

Let's hope this floss issue opens up a wider discussion of what prisoners are being offered to maintain their health. (If inmates can no longer make toothbrushs into shanks, we should be able to offer floss.)

The question also needs to be applied to the inmates of public and corporate contracted prisons.

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