Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joie de Floss?

Is this your flossing story?
We at the NFC hope to help people overcome their fear-based flossing and move on to a higher level. A level where flossing is done for its own sake - not because of any form of intimidation! This is flossing done for the good feeling it brings - like when we've washed our car, or taken proper care of ourselves, whether it's our hair, nails, skin or teeth.
This is flossing for the Joy of Flossing (would the French help? - "Joie de Floss").
With the right type of floss (monofilament floss for tight teeth and rare flossers), flossing doesn't need to be trouble, and cleaning up grungy parts of the mouth should make you feel good about yourself. Good feelings about flossing is what will keep people flossing. Terror only works as long as the terror is reinforced (see the cartoon).
Do whatever you can to make flossing a joy and you'll stop being terrorized by flossing horror stories!

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