Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brazilian Floss Dispensers

While Erin & Gabi were visiting Brazil, last month, they took this picture in the unisex rest room of a restaurant/bar.
Ah, Brazil!
So many things to like - and public floss dispensers!
How did Brazil get so many light years ahead of  the US in dental public health?
My basic question is why wouldn't a restaurant that serves meat or corn or any food offer its guests floss in their rest rooms?
A couple of years ago, I joined a blogging group of restaurateurs here in Washington and found that this just wasn't a fashionable idea for them, and appeals to common sense or good business, or getting a publicity edge for their business didn't seem to move them.
The times may be different now. 
Buying a couple of these floss dispensers and passing them around in local restaurants is now on the NFC agenda for 2011!

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